Friday, February 18, 2011

Bus To Kuala Lumpur Are At Frequent Intervals

You will find that if you have chosen to travel by bus to Kuala Lumpur, it is a very convenient method of traveling. You can travel at ease with comfortable timings. The tickets for the bus travel are very easily available through online booking. You can book a ticket in advance and reach the bus terminal at the time of departure of the bus.

Many of the bus to KL provide such good amenities that you would feel that you are traveling in 1st class of air ticket. It has become very convenient to travel in this manner as the roads are good you there are no bumps on the way. The scenery is also very captivating and you can enjoy watching the passing scenery and you won’t even realize when the time has passed and you have reached Kuala Lumpur  

There are many express bus services from Singapore to KL and a few of the known bus services are the Starmart Air Asia Liner, First Coach and Aeroline. They provide a very frequent bust service and the buses depart every hour. Many of the bus service offer non-stop travel by bus from Singapore to KL, while others stop midway for about 20-30 minutes. You can choose the bus service according to your convenience.

If you reach the bus terminal before time, then you can keep the luggage at the luggage counter in the waiting lounges. Many of the buses have ergonomically designed bus seats that are spacious and comfortable with two seats on one side and one seat at the other side of the bus with an aisle in the middle. The seats are recline-able with plenty of leg room with leg support at the time of stretching out. Each seat comes with an individual TV screen with Video On Demand (VOD) services making available on-board entertainment having music and movies. You can have an enjoyable trip to KL by bus

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