Thursday, September 15, 2011

Popularity of Bus Travel

The mode of travel has changed a lot with times. Air travel is the most preferred mode of transport in modern times. People are always short of time. They are always in hurry; they think that they will reach their destination faster if they are travelling by air. This fact is a misconception as numerous times travelling by bus is faster. This is true in case you are travelling from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur.

Those who have travelled from Singapore to KL will vouch for the fact that bus is the most comfortable mode of transport on this route. There is plenty of bus service plying between these two cities. You can travel at your convenience and that too with full comfort. There are a lot of advantages of travelling by bus between these places. The first and foremost is that it is considerably cheap. When you compare the rates of the fare between air travel and bus travel, bus tickets are truly very cheap. Another advantage of travelling by bus Singapore to KL is that it is less time consuming. You will wonder how is it possible…….well I will explain it to you. The total time taken while flying between these two cities is the same as travelling by bus. You have to check in two hours before the flight, and the time taken to commute from the city to the airport also takes time. Then, if you have baggage you have to wait to collect your baggage. In total, you will realize that the time taken to travel is almost the same. While taking Bus to Kuala Lumpur you can board the bus from any point in the city. There are numerous points in the city from which you can board the bus.

When you are travelling by bus you can enjoy the scenic view on the way. A few bus coaches have seats that are comparable to the first-class travel by air. You can enjoy the luxurious seat and stretch your legs comfortably in the front. The bus service also provides for TV for your entertainment. There is generally a stop in between so that you can enjoy some refreshments and use the restroom as well.

These few factors have made bust travel a preferred mode of transport and more and more people are travelling by bus, especially in this part of the world.

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