Thursday, April 26, 2012

Travelling by Bus from Singapore to Malacca to have a Good Time

If you love travelling and visiting the interior places of any city then the bus services are made for you. Buses are comfortable and enjoyable. It can be a new experience for you. You will surely remember it your entire life. This is the main reason why people choose to go by buses than a plane. Bus to Kuala Lumpur takes about 90 minutes. There are so many buses available which take people to the main city. You will find a lot of VIP bus services KL to Singapore as well. You will love to go again and again in these buses once you start travelling by bus. These buses are spacious. Seats are flexible and you can relax on your seat by inkling it to 70 degrees. If you go by plane, you will have to take a 1st class seat to experience such comfort. Therefore, people prefer to go by buses. They are comfortable in cheaper rates. You can even take food with you. Bus stops after a certain time at the pre decided destination almost half of the way. You can enjoy your food here. There are also restaurants at these stoppages. They offer you a variety of food including the local food as well. 

You can also see a lot of places which otherwise would have been missed out. There is a breathtaking view when you travel by bus to Kuala Lumpur. It looks like a scenery in some great painting. The Bus from Singapore to Malacca is a great way to watch beautiful places. Malacca is a beautiful place to visit. It offers you great heritage which is not worth to miss. Bus route takes approximately 5 and ½ hours. This is an amazing journey and people enjoy it a lot. It offers you a great level of comfort in reasonable prices. You will meet new people on the bus enroute to the same destination which is a great experience. You can share your experiences about your bus travel and the places you visit. It will let you know more about the place and bus services also. When you travel by bus, there are a lot of things like the palm oil trees and other tropical things which will make your journey memorable.

Bus services have a great competition with each other. Therefore, they offer you the best services to attract more and more people. They improve their services within a span of time. There are now video coach buses also available at your disposal. You can now enjoy a movie while traveling. Food is also served in these buses. You can book your bus ticket through a travel agent or online. There is no issue about the timing of the buses. You can easily get buses at any time. It is the best thing about these buses. You do not need to plan your trip according to the timings of the buses. You can go and travel in the bus whenever it is suitable to you.

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