Friday, February 22, 2013

Travelling to Singapore is more Fun Now!

With better means of transportation and connectivity, you need not expend more than what is really called economical while planning your travel. So why to spend more in flying from KL to Singapore? If you have time, then you can explore the route to the city of Singapore by hitting the roads. Yes, and you would be taken aback for sure with the mystifying beauty of Malaysia and Singapore. To be very frank, you can do justice to your travelling in Malaysia and Singapore only if you are on the wheels. Car rental or leasing is also an option, however if you want to save more on other alternates like more travelling, eating and having fun, then nothing comes as a better choice than booking your bus. Besides, many online bus booking agencies have made travelling more fun now.

If you are destined to Singapore, then your travel plan is precisely dependent on your starting point in Malaysia. Have you already been to Sunway Lagoon? If no, then you ought to take a day off and visit the fun-filled place that offers an entire realm of entertainment, rides, water parks and more. It is supposed to be the largest park in Asia. Besides, it has great connectivity with the other places in Malaysia. So from here, you can easily book your bus to Genting Highlands, another much sought –after place in Malaysia. It is a great hill station with moderate climate and is the favorite spot of tourists. Some spell it as the land of Casinos. From here, you can get on the coach to Penang and then to Kaula Lumpur, the bus route is beautiful with many captivating landscapes. And once you reach your destination, be prepared for another travel – KL to Singapore! However, ensure that your travel time does not get you stuck in the traffic.
Generally, a good bus takes you to Singapore in about 5 hours including the various processes of immigration and all. However, you need to avoid travelling during the peak hours of traffic, Travel during the wee hours or night time if possible. The bus services are great in Malaysia. They provide you with multiple facilities and great hospitality. From food to leisure, they ensure you have it all and make your ride worth every penny it costs you! Bon Voyage!

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