Sunday, March 3, 2013

Explore Sunway Lagoon and Have an Unforgettable Experience

If you want to have fun with your family or friends, then there is no perfect idea than visiting Sunway Lagoon that is an amusement park in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. In this amusement park, you can actually be a kid with your kid or remember your days of childhood, when fun rides used to be most adventurous thing for you.

Sunway Lagoon, the island of thrilling rides, is mainly parted into 3 chief themed parks: Wild Wild West, Water of Africa, and World of Adventure. And each of three boasts their own delightful attractions. It is consisted of featured rides in both the Dry Park and head-to-head Water Park. Taking a coach from Malacca will make you to delight the natural beauty during your journey to Sunway Lagoon. When you visit this exciting place, automatically, you tend to scream out loud and have an exhilarating time. Sunway Lagoon lets you enjoy your day with full of fun and make you to have a memorable experience.

World of Adventure
It is one of the most thrilling parts of the Sunway Lagoon, where you can have a breathtaking view of the whole Lagoon from a great height by visiting the World’s Longest Pedestrian Suspension Bridge. World of Adventure is known as the place of excitement, as it offers numerous wonderful rides. Here, you can see a prime gathering of scholar rocks in the world.

Wild Wild West
Another lure of Sunway Lagoon is Wild Wild West that is known as the land of cowboys and Red Indians. When you will walk along the local streets, you can see the saloon dancing girls in fleecy miniskirts, who can surprise you for a moment. Moreover, here you can also delight the exciting rides with your family or friends.  

Waters of Africa
Last but not the least, Waters of Africa is the theme park’s newest attraction, where you can have lots of fun during African wilderness journey. You can enjoy the thrilling water rides that are just out of this world. Being here, you can find much more that would fill your day with extreme fun.

Furthermore, for returning back to home, you can hire a coach to Malacca from here that is the best option for a reasonable journey.

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