Thursday, April 11, 2013

Complementary mistakes while booking online tickets

Did you make some mistakes, while booking your bus tickets online? While booking bus from Butterworth, did you fill in wrong departure timings, or for bus to Cameron Highlands, you entered wrong boarding destination? Oops! But relax it happens! Mistakes happen from humans, and you also did one, so don’t panic, and work on their solutions.

Here are common errors that people generally make in ignorance with the solutions. Read them to know what you should do under such circumstances:

In case, you chose wrong destinations or departure details:
This is quite a common case that many people make while booking online tickets, as they have become comfortable with the booking method, and in a rush or ignorance mistake happens. Under such circumstance, you have the option of making changes in the details. But for that, you have to send an e-mail or call to the customer service experts much before the schedule departure time. But if you want to go for cancellation of the orders, then you need to have a valid reason for that. You may also have to convince the management for the cancellation request, as several companies do not accept withdrawal request.

The case of double bookings for tickets:
Sometimes internet connection is weak, or there’s some problem in the server. Due to this, same booking is done twice and payment is deducted twice. In such case, you have to file your complaint or talk to customer attendant. Do not delay in this process and follow the process to get the refund of the second payment.
In situations of transferring tickets:
The bus tickets that are booked online are transferable. With the print copy of the e-ticket, anyone can use them for traveling.

Whether you make any mistake in booking tickets or not, but you should always make sure that you recheck the booking history. Go to the member area – history of your account and recheck all the details that you have filled in. Do note that to visit ‘member area’, you have to become the number of the company.

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