Monday, August 5, 2013

Tips to make your road travel safe and enjoyable in Malaysia

bus from ButterworthWhile traveling, each individual wish to have complete and safe enjoyment. For this, they prepare and plan their trip, so that they get true and factual experience of the place they are visiting. In this blog, we are going to discuss the safety tips if one is traveling via bus in Malaysia. Malaysia is known to be the coolest place where tourists love to hang out. Most of the times, travelers prefer buses for traveling form one destination to the other. Be it bus from Butterworth, bus from Klang, or Penang, you can book tickets online and make your trip easy and convenient. If you are traveling via bus to your favorite destination, it’s important that you look out for the safety and enjoyable tips that will help you in making your trip memorable:

•    Safety on bus
Safety is the most important aspect when you are traveling. To make your travel safe and memorable, it is essential that you go with the rules and regulation before you get into the bus. If you have children with you, then you have to look out for the extra safety for them. To be on safer side, go with the details and rules that are required to be followed when you are travelling. 

•    Note down some of the details about bus
Noting the details of the bus will help you a lot when you are on the trip. This should be the first preference of the tourist that he should carry a note pad and note down all the details and information about the bus in which you are travelling. This is important because in between the journey there are places where the bus takes rest and at that point you will not get any kind of problem in finding your bus.

•    Add some adventure to the trip

If you are travelling from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, then there are some of the wildlife attractions near the highway. This will be great experience for you and for your kids to see animals that you might have not seen before. Additionally, you will add on adventure to your trip and this will last a true experience for you. This is what travellers need when they are travelling via buses. 
Singapore to Kuala Lumpur
•    Plan for some road trip games

The next point that will make your safety road trip safer and enjoyable is to plan some of the games that will make your road trip pleasant. You will find lots of road games that are especially prepared for both the adults and young. Games are not only the entertaining part but also to keep the travellers alert all the time.

•    Carry a first-aid kit

If you have reserved your seats in the bus, then after this, make sure that you have complete first aid kit with you. Make sure that you have variety of items in the kit to cover a wide range of emergencies. With trips being so unpredictable, you need to make sure that the kit is extensive enough. If you had a kit before and used some items on a previous trip, you need to find out what items are missing and replace them.


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  2. Thanks for the share! Keeping a well stocked first aid kit when on the road is definitely crucial when going on any trip. I normally keep mine stocked with antiseptic wipes, antibotic ointments, insta-cold pack, gauze pads (different sizes), thermometer, mepilex
    bandages, tweezers, scissors, medical tape, and non-latex gloves.