Thursday, November 21, 2013

Are you going to travel another day in a bus?

KL to Penang bus
Enjoying you bus journey, but there is one more day to travel in a bus? Need not to worry just take car of little points can make your journey the most enjoyable one in Malaysia. Malaysia is a beautiful place amongst tourists and tourists from other places come to have a look at the destinations here. But travelling from one place to another one needs to have commuting source and buses are known to be the convenient mode of travelling at this place. If you have the long route for the buses then it becomes essential for you to take care of some points, which are as follows:

•    Travel with a reputed company and book tickets in advance for the travel of next day as well. At the last moment, you are not going to get tickets especially for the bus from Singapore to KL (Kuala Lumpur), which is known to be the seated bus. Remember, the earlier the tickets the better your seat will be. As you see KL to Penang bus, seats already gets fully reserved and at the last moment you get seats that are not of your choice.

•    For the second day in the bus, make sure that your seats are not directly in front of the TV, or underneath speakers, or juts next to the toilets. Especially for the long routes, such seats should be avoided to make the journey relaxed.

bus from Singapore to KL•    From the first bus trip, you might have got an idea that snacks and water are the essentials in travel time. You also get food from the bus but that may or may suit you, so it is better to carry a bottle of water and some light snacks in your carry bag.

•    There can be the time in the bus when you get bored or look out for some entertainment source. Keep in your hand bag some kind of entertainment items like a mp3, books, e-books, songs, songs loaded mobile, and more. This is going to make your journey pass without even knowing.

•    Do not forget to keep medication and common pills in your carry bag. They don’t seem to be important but in the bus journeys they play an important role.

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