Thursday, February 13, 2014

Combine your Vacations with Fitness Session in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands

Vacations are meant to recreate the soul. Isn’t this true? So, why don’t you try to combine these vacations with fitness as well and take good care of your health as well? Well, you do not have to do much on this, and just have to pack your bags and set your minds for active holidays and be prepared for exciting holidays.

The beautiful destinations in Malaysia makes it ideal destination for spending fitness vacations. From Penang to Sunway Lagoon or from Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands, there are numerous destinations, where you will get to be a part of various activities to keep yourself fit in a unique way. On one hand where you can experience cling, mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, and jungle trekking, on theother hand, you can also enjoy the never experienced Thai boxing, Zumba dance training, or boot camp.

Here are certain activities that will make sure fitness vacations in Malaysia exciting & fun filled. Let us see which fitness activity would help you burn how much calories.

•    Cycling: 800-1000 calories
•    Boot camp: 600-1000 calories
•    Hiking: 500-800 calories
•    Yoga session: 400-800 calories
•    Bare feet sand walk: 400-600 calories

Another beautiful aspect about fitness vacations is that you do not have to spend a big amount and can enjoy the holidays by being in budget. For example, you can book KL to Penang bus after you explore the beauty in Penang and then you can enjoy the beauty in Penang also.

KL to Penang bus
What you need to pack for your fitness vacations?

To help you with your packing, here we have a checklist for you. Have a look and ensure that you have kept them all in your bag.

•    Sit up & crunches band
•    Skipping rope
•    Sports shoes
•    Portable music system
•    Yoga mat

So, now you have the list, so pack your bags and be prepared to experience holidays with a difference.

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