Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Luxurious Bus Service From Kuala Lumpur To Singapore

Going to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur is now made easy with the introduction of luxury Kuala Lumpur Singapore bus services. They are different from other traditional type of buses in that are equipped with modern facilities such as power points for your laptop and a business class lounge in the double deck coaches that you can use. The lounge has room for up to 5 people and is the perfect place to work on your laptop while you travel.

In the luxurious bus service from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore the food is served by cabin crew. The food is of great quality is generally from an international chain like subway, or other such brand. You can enjoy hot beverages such as coffee and tea throughout the journey. As far as safety is concerned, the double deck luxury coaches are fitted with latest electromagnetic and hydraulic retarders that enable the driver to stop the bus without using the standard brakes. The high tech air suspension system facilitates comfortable ride.

The Singapore to Kuala Lumpur bus drivers are professional and have the use of a GPS data logger that reports the driving data of the bus all through the entire journey. You would realize that the safety of passengers are taken full care and make it more comfortable one. It is an alternative that makes many people take it instead of taking a flight.  

You can take a bus at your convenience as there are many buses during the day from Singapore to Malacca. It is very cheap and costs only around $20-$30 for a trip. The bus service is a popular and long serving express bus company. The bus stations are located at very convenient places and you can board your bus from there.  The price is affordable and you get super VIP seats that are spacious and comfortable. Mostly the bus services have 3-4 departures each day.

The bus runs on time and you would reach your destination without any delay. You would find it the best way to travel and make it your preferred method of traveling. 95% of the customers who have traveled by bus would like to repeat it. The fact of the matter is that the roads are also very well-maintained. There are tourists from all over the world so the quality of the bus service also matches their standard. New tourists visit these places every year and one major reason which attracts them is the ease of traveling between these places.

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