Monday, March 28, 2011

Bus-ride a luxurious experience in Malaysia

There are many bridges which link the Island state of Singapore to Malaysia, which is being promoted as Malaysia, truly Asia by its tourism ministry.  Since a long time I was craving to visit Malaysia, which is a country with an amazing mix of modernity with the old and the traditional.  Malaysia is an exciting country which contains in it many flavors, tourists crave for.   So this time I tried to enjoy clean Malaysian beaches, water sports, shopping malls, spas, restaurants and sky scrapers of Kuala Lumpur.  I wanted to actually pass through the medieval towns of Malaysia, which are one of the few tourist attractions that make it a unique destination to be explored in this part of the South East Asian region.

Though there are frequent flights available, bus service from KL to Singapore is the best thing you can experience ever.  Besides being cheaper, bus service gives you a chance to pass through the stunning countryside of Malaysia with oil palm plantation and evergreen tropical landscape along the Expressway.  There are many stopovers along the way where you can rest and then continue your journey.  The bus services include wonderful luxury coaches including the Double Decker buses with food services on board, stretchable seats and entertainment facilities such as DVD players etc.  The courteous staff made my day and made my luxury bus trip a memorable one.  Now I have come to the conclusion that better than taking an airlines, where the total time taken remains the same; which normally includes the time spent in waiting at the immigration, it is far better to take the luxury bus Singapore to KL

Bus to Kuala Lumpur adds personal dimension to your trip and being a tourist fulfils your need to actually see the things, rather than it being just a hurried point to point transfer.  I would like to take the bus service again, the next time I plan to visit KL with my family.  

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