Friday, May 27, 2011

Price not the only reason for traveling by bus from KL to Singapore

There are quite a few tourists who travel directly from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. You will find a large number of trains and buses running between the two cities. Bus is a convenient option and a lot of people prefer it. Though it has been thought that the main reason for traveling by bus is the low cost, in actual fact it is not so. It is one of the reasons, but there are plenty of other reasons that have contributed to travel by bus from Singapore to KL.

Another major reason is that it less time-consuming. No…..don’t assume that it takes less than an airplane, but the total time you spend while taking a flight will be more than taking a bus. For bus you do not have to reach the airport 2 hours before the flight for check-in. Moreover, the airports are generally situated in the outskirts of the city and it takes considerable time to reach it. The bus terminal is in the middle of city and there are a lot of bus stops that from where you can catch the bus.

It also gives you the opportunity visit new places on the way. If you travel from KL to Singapore you will find many sites that are interesting. You can book your ticket through the internet or through a travel agent. If you are booking through the internet you can compare the prices and timings of various bus companies. After making a comparison, you can make your decision according to your convenience. The buses running between these two cities are mostly on schedule so you know in advance when you will reach your destination. Traveling by bus has become a new way of traveling that is as comfortable as air travel.

When you have experienced this mode of travel you will realize that is it the best way to travel. There won’t be any hassles and the comfort will be to your liking. It has become more and more common and there are a lot of people who prefer taking bus. If you are not one of such people you should give it a trial, you would not be disappointed.

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