Saturday, June 4, 2011

Best Reasons to Prefer Bus Journey

Journeys are part and parcel of our day to day life, whether we have to go to office or to meet a loved one or frm Singapore to Malacca or anywhere else for an outing we have to perform journey.

Development of Science and Technology has increased the modes of travel available to man by many folds. 

Some of the major modes of travel used today are Bus, Trains, cars, scooters, motorcycles, Auto rickshaw, Cycle rickshaw, bicycle etc. in addition ships and aero planes are also used.  Out of the various options available different people have got different favorites but mine is bus. There are many way to tell you why I like journey by bus most of all like bus singapore to KL or bus from Singapore to Malacca.

First and foremost is the window seat. If you have to take the real pleasure of the window seat, then travel by bus. For example, if you are traveling by bus to Kuala Lumpur, window seat will give you all scenic beauty to watch and enjoy.Imagine a bus going through the curvy roads of a mountain valley full of greenery with tall mountains at one side and steep valleys on the other. The beauty of nature is spread all through and you are assimilating all this beauty into your heart from the window seat of the bus. For enjoying the outside sceneries bus journey is the best. Imagine a bus going through a village with vast paddy fields on both sides. It is the perfect mode of journey to enjoy this picture perfect scene of green fields with a solitary reaper. 

The picturesque beauty of green meadows and pastures, with flocks of cattle grazing here and there is a real eye catcher which gives pleasure to every heart, all it needs is watchful eyes to grip all this passing beauty which can be done best only in a bus journey. Another reason is the seat structure. In most buses the seating structure of two by two allows you to travel peacefully with your partner. This structure allows the conversation between two in a comfortable manner whereas allowing scope of getting into talks with more people when required unlike in trains where eight or more people are seated in a compartment and you are forced only for a group chat and carry an audience all through whether you want or not. But in a bus journey you have liberty whether you want to be in a group or be confined talking only with your counterpart/beloved. 

This gives a new meaning and pleasure to our journey. Nowadays buses are coming with more comfortable features and providing joy to our journey. In many luxury buses you can find well cushioned seats, AC, large windows with adjustable glass panes, good luggage holders and even a toilet for emergency use. The country is joined throughout by a vast network of roads and we can reach anywhere using a bus journey. Government is also now aware that good roads are a must for fast development and is investing lavishly for the betterment of roads which is making bus journey all the more appealing.

   A bus also provides us an opportunity to increase our social and cultural skills as we come across different kinds of people during a journey. If you are seating in a bus you not idle, you can be an audience to a live play. Many times watching different kinds of people, their behavior, facial expressions, how they act, react on a particular matter can

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