Monday, June 25, 2012

Bus services Between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore

There are several express buses that commute from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore and back on a daily basis. Demand for these services has caused so many companies to launch hourly trips back and forth between these two very important points, with sub-stations at various points along the way. Most of the buses depart from GMC, Harbor Front, Key Point, and a few other points.

These are two very commonly commuted cities and so many people make daily trips. For economic reasons, a lot of travelers prefer using bus services than flying because it is relatively cheap and more convenient. These bus services do not necessarily pick passengers from these two points but also from other minor points along the way. Penang is a terminus not far away from Singapore main termini and so some passengers pick a bus to Penang.

So many mini-terminals are spread between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore and passengers can alight at their preferred points. This journey takes between 4 and 5 hours but it mainly depends on the hour of the day. Traffic snarl-ups build up in the morning and evening hours when so many people are travelling either from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore or Singapore to Kuala Lumpur.

Online booking

Regardless of where passengers are based, one does not need to go all the way to a bus station to book a trip to any of the destinations. It is no longer a tedious job because bookings can be made conveniently online. Whether it is a bus from LCCT or anywhere, details will be needed to be fed into the entry forms during booking and receipt numbers will be given. This has made it very easy for travelers especially those that make daily trips. All the top bus companies have created easy booking platforms for their esteemed customers so there is no point going all the way, or standing by the roadside to try your luck. Kuala Lumpur to Singapore bus is by far more economical as compared to flight. It is comfortable and flexible too as it has more drop-and-pick points for travelers’ convenience.

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