Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Geography, transport, and climate of Shah Alam

 bus from lcctLocated in Selangor Malaysia, Shah Alam is a very beautiful and modern part of this word. It is separated from the main capital of the country by only some kilometers. An interesting thing to mention about this city is that it is the first city that was developed according to planning after Malaysia got independence. Moving towards the geography of this region it is being stated that Shah Alam forms a part of Petaling that is a district in Malaysia and also its some part extends to the district Klang. In the eastern border Suband Jaya and Petaling Jaya are present. In the western side Klang is standing, at the northern border Kuala Selangor along with Selayang is located. Finally, at the southern side Kuala Langat is present.

In relation to Shah Alam, it is worth mentioning that this one of the most important cities that are present in Klang. Kuala Lampur is also located in Klang and the famous Klang River flows through this area.

It will not be wrong to mention that like other parts of Malaysia Shah Alam is also blessed with great natural beauty and attraction. For this reason is a famous tourist spot of the country. The temperature changes during entire year stay ideal, the average highest temperature that has been recorded is 31.9 degree Celsius, and the lowest average recorded temperature is 27.8 degree Celsius. During the end of year, most probably in month of November, heavy rain fall takes place and the city remains quite warm during March.

bus shah alamThe transportation facilities that have been devised for Shah Alam are very good and there are highways that join this city to other important points of Kalang. Finding bus to shah alam is not a difficult task as there is a good network of buses present.

It is not only Shah Alam where a good transport network is present, but in the entire country has a good system of transport. In fact Malaysia is building the biggest low cost carrier terminal at the Kuala Lumpur international Airport. This will make finding bus from LCCT a lot easier for the tourists.

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