Friday, May 17, 2013

Planning For Vacations In Malaysia

Sunway Lagoon
Malaysia is a small country that is located In the Southern side of Asia and has a land area of 330,000 square kilometers. It has 13 states and the federal territories are 3. The capital city is known as Kuala Lumpur and the seat of the federal government is Putrajaya.

Malaysia is separated into two territories, Peninsula/West Malaysia and Sabah and Sarawak [East Malaysia] by the China Sea on an island known as Borneo.

Peninsular Malaysia is connected to the mainland through Thailand in the Northern side while a man made cause way connects Malaysia to Singapore in the southern side. Malaysia is home to some of the oldest Tropical Rainforest on earth. The rainforest covers up to 60 percent of the land.

The strategic location of Malaysia along Malacca straits and the southern sea has contributed to much of the history around and improvement of the economy. All these make Malaysia the centre of interaction for vast countries. The history of Malaysia was brought about the different types of people who once lived there and they includethe Dutch, Portuguese, British, Indians and Indonesians. The vast influences and interactions and influences from these nations and people portray the various types of cultures, races, food, religion and traditions found in Malaysia.

For people planning to have a vacation in Malaysia, there are so many places that you can visit and enjoy so much. The clear waters and green fields, beautiful forests, mountains and cool islands are some of the great features of Malaysia.

Theme parks such as Sunway lagoon, Lego land and the lost world of Tanbun are nice and calm places where you can enjoy yourself. The city of Digital lights [I-City] is known for the many digital lights around the area. Sungai Klah hot spring is one that doubles as a resort. You can also pick a bus to genting highlands where you ca run around the green grass fields and enjoy the cool mountain climate.

For those who love shopping, Malaysia is one of the ideal countries to do your shopping for it has a number of great shopping malls. Locally made handcrafts, oil paintings, designer watches, clothes and accessories that are found here.Some of the malls include Berjaya Times Square, Suria KLCC, and Sunway pyramid which is a theme park too.

The vegetation around Malaysia is quite fascinating. All plants re found in their natural habits in Sarawak and Sabah. The largest flower in the world is found here, it has the most awful smell of a rotten egg or a corpse. Mt. Kinabalu is also found here and is known to be the largest and tallest mountain in the South-eastern part of Asia. For food lovers, all types of foods are found here due to the communities that once lived there.

bus to GentingBeautiful beaches and lagoons with clear blue waters are found here. The famous scuba diving island is found in this region. Some of the pristine beaches include Pulau Pangkor, Redang, Tioman and Pulau Perhentian. As a tourist to the country, Pulau Langwaki offers you a chance to see Malaysia’s landscape using it’s sky bridge which is 700 meters above the sea and 150 meters long.

Malaysia is a great country that everyone needs to visit for it has much to offer and people around are very hospitable. This is home away from home.

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