Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Beautiful Experience Singapore To Kuala Lumpur

Those who have traveled from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur by road would vouch for the fact that the border crossing station is huge and beautiful! It was an experience like walking through two brand new airports.

If you have to travel by Bus to Kuala Lumpur you would realize that taking a bus is more comfortable. There are a lot of super VIP buses that seat only 27 people having spacious seats and large leg space between the front rows and your seats. The seat can be inclined to almost 70deg. The bus tickets are also considerably cheaper compared to any other mode of travel. The cost is very reasonable and you will spend only $30 for your bus travel.

The traveling time from KL to Singapore is almost 4 to 5 hours so you can take an early morning bus and reach there by the time offices start working. You can also travel at night by bus and reach there early morning to attend to your business. There are many bus companies providing in bus entertainment, it means that you can watch movie in the bus while traveling to KL. And also, they serve food in the bus. Their services provided are almost as good as that of 1st class airplane travel

There are three terminals in Singapore from which you can go to Malaysia. They are Queen Street bus terminal, Golden Mile Complex and Lavender Street bus terminal.  These terminals are there from where you can get in and out from Singapore to Malaysia.

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